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About Us

Metro One Vending LLC is your full-service vending company located in Atlanta, GA. We provide top-notch service to our clients throughout the Atlanta area.

Metro One Vending LLC is a fully insured locally owned family business that puts our client’s interest first.

We offer a wide selection of name brand popular snacks, beverages, foods, and healthy snacks.


Our goal is to provide our clients with quality and affordable vending solutions. We give your employees and customers the vending choices they want while saving money, increasing production, and keeping everyone happy. We also provide healthy snack and beverage options specifically designed for your location or type of business:

Excellent service and extremely fast response time.
Customized programs to meet your organization’s unique needs.


To live out our values of getting the job done right by putting our client’s interest first and providing brand popular snacks, beverages, foods, and healthy snacks to our customers in a manner that best serves their vending needs.